Presentation Skills for Educators

5-minute Presentation: What did you learn about yourself as a presenter?

- audience response
- clear
- well prepared
- analyze audience/check their needs
- speak slower at the beginning

What makes a great presentation?

- well organized
- examples
- concise
- pictures/data/graphs
- well prepared (questionnaire)
- previous lessons/lectures
- only necessary information

What makes a great presenter?

- natural humour
- body language
- speak clearly
- follow flexibly
- getting feedback during the presentation
- confident
- passion

Sessions Slides

Download pdf file of slides

Some video examples

Steve Job MacWorld 2007 - iPhone

Nerves: What to do?

- prepare well
- rehearse
- evaluate each presentation you give
- if possible video tape and review
- get a colleague to watch and give feedback

When things don't go as planned!

Handout: Possible Difficult Situations (and ways of dealing with them) pdf file

Superb Online Resources for Presentation Skills

Presentation Zen (Garr Reynolds)

Really Bad PowerPoint (Seth Godin)

High-Stakes Presentations (Sims Wyeth)

High-Stakes Presentations on Squidoo links for presentation_skills links for presentationskills